Be a TX-RAMP Champ

Become a TX-RAMP Champ! Follow our guides, use our templates, and learn from our coaching; you will earn your TX-RAMP certification.

The TX-RAMP Challenge

18 Months

223 Controls

Your Contracts on the Line

You have just 18 months from when you file for TX-RAMP Provisional to when you’re expected to pass the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)’s assessment of your cybersecurity program.

If you fail to earn your TX-RAMP Certification by the time your Provisional period expires, your Texas-based customers are legally barred from continuing to do business with you.

The game clock is running… Can you put the right plays together to reach the endzone in time?

Our Solution

Your TX-Ramp Playbook

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own; put your hands on a proven playbook and use it to plan your organization’s winning drive to TX-RAMP certification. Through an online portal, gain access to:

  • Need help with your deliverables? Don’t start from scratch. Use our guides to plan and implement your TX-RAMP Program.
  • Written guides provide straightforward instruction to complete necessary tasks. 
  • Interactive video guides provide answers to questions tailored to unique organizational situations. 
  • Ask a cybersecurity expert! Leverage Fractional CISO’s knowledge to quickly get high-quality answers to problems that block your progress. 
  • Access to cybersecurity experts via group or individual chat. 
  • Weekly webinar covering instructional and informational TX-RAMP topics. Open Q&A available at the end. 
  • Comprehensive documentation library for all TX-RAMP deliverables. 
  • Templated policies, procedures, and answers to TX-RAMP questionnaire items. 
  • TX-RAMP specific sample diagrams, including data flow, system description document, network diagrams, and more.

The Outcomes

Manage Easier with a Clear Plan

Stop worrying. Stop planning. Start executing. The TX-RAMP Champ program turns an intimidating mass of deliverables into a clear, actionable plan.

Spend Less Time Solving Problems

Tackling TX-RAMP alone? Getting stuck on a question or problem can send you on an hours-long wild goose chase. Fractional CISO’s cybersecurity experts will quickly provide an answer to solve your problem and keep you in the game.

TX-RAMP Achieved Faster and Easier

You had 18-months to complete TX-RAMP when you filed for your Provisional Certification. You probably have less now.

If you follow the guidance provided by the TX-RAMP Champ program, you should be able to earn your TX-RAMP Certification by the time your Provisional certification - or an extension to it - expires.

If you follow the guidance provided by the TX-RAMP Champ program, you should be able to earn your TX-RAMP Certification by the time your Provisional certification - or an extension to it - expires.

Work with the TX-RAMP market leaders

TX-RAMP is a very new cybersecurity certification, with only a few hundred companies successfully certified so far.

Fractional CISO is leading the charge on TX-RAMP services, having already helped multiple companies earn their certification from start-to-finish.

Choose the best plan
for your business

TX-RAMP Basics


TX-RAMP Policy Library and Community Support

  • TX-RAMP Questionnaire Sample Answers
  • TX-RAMP Policy Template Library
  • Foundational
    Video Library: TX-RAMP Questionnaire and Policies
  • Weekly Webinar with Q&A
  • Cybersecurity Community Group Chat


TX-RAMP Complete


Complete TX-RAMP Documentation Library and Chat Support

  • Everything in TX-RAMP Basics
  • 12 one-to-one chat sessions with cybersecurity expert
  • TX-RAMP Technical Documentation Template Library Including:
  • Security Plan Workbook
  • Data Flow Diagrams
  • Systems Description
  • Network Diagrams
  • Boundary Diagrams
  • Quarterly Vulnerability Reporting
  • Complete Video Library: TX-RAMP Technical Documentation

TX-RAMP Assisted


Complete TX-RAMP Documentation Library with 1:1 Support

  • Everything in TX-RAMP Complete
  • Unlimited one-to-one chat sessions, prioritized chat queue
  • Monthly 1:1 calls with Cybersecurity Expert
  • Four additional calls per year, as needed

vCISCO Services


vCISO-managed  implementation and execution of your TX-RAMP Program

  • TX-RAMP Questionnaire Completed For You
  • All TX-RAMP Documentation Completed For you 
  • vCISO and Cybersecurity Analyst added to your team
  • Weekly and as-needed calls
  • Unrestricted Chat, Email, and Phone Call Support
  • Continuous Upkeep of Monitoring and Reporting
  • Ongoing Cyber Risk Management Program

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