We strive to make Fractional CISO an excellent place to work.

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Working at Fractional CISO

We believe the best way to serve our clients is to have employees who are happy and productive. While we have an important job to do (protecting our clients), we want to enjoy and have fun while doing it. We have high expectations for our employees because we value the work we do and the trust our clients have given us to do it. In turn, our employees have high expectations for us because they understand the value they bring to the company.

For a look into our company culture, check out the Fractional CISO Fundamentals.

Fractional CISO has been recognized for creating an outstanding work environment. We were honored on Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces list for 2023! Learn more here.


We want to provide the best environment for our employees to thrive, grow and enjoy. As a full-time employee, employees can expect the following and much more!

Competitive Salary and Bonus.

We have invested time and resources to survey the market to be able to compensate our employees to best match their skillsets.

Flexible Vacation.

Part of enjoying a job, is also enjoying life. Whether it is a much needed trip back to India to visit family, the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams or the European vacation you’ve always wanted; we want everyone to be encouraged and feel supported in taking time off to enjoy life. We have a well-established set of resources to allow employees the flexibility to thoroughly enjoy their vacation without worrying about work.

Additionally, we understand and support everyday obligations of life, such as seeing your child’s school play or soccer game, attending your little brother’s graduation or grandma’s 80th birthday. Fractional CISO is flexible.

Skills Growth.

As a company and as individual employees, we have the common goal of growth. Additionally as we grow, we want each employee’s skill set to grow through their willingness to learn. We have designed the team and each role with growth in mind. In each role, employees can expect to enhance their current skill set. If you are looking to gain a diverse set of cybersecurity and business skills, Fractional CISO is the place for you.

Our company structure is effective because we do not pigeonhole team members into doing the same two things day in and day out. As a result, after a year or two, employees see a significant growth in their skillset. This growth is a value added to the company, which translates to better client care. And we love creating value for our clients!

Healthy Living.

Health is essential to your overall well-being. Fractional CISO understands there are few things in life more important than one’s health. As a company, we support and encourage healthy living. This is why the company contributes up to 75% of the costs of employees’ health insurance and up to 25% of their families’ costs. We provide no-cost life and disability insurance. Additionally, all full-time employees are eligible for 24/7 access to the on-site gym.

Fueling Great Thoughts.

We want to ensure both your body and mind are properly fueled to take on each day. Our offices are stocked with unlimited coffee and snacks. If we do not carry a snack you love, just ask.

Ringing the Gong!

Success is an essential part of Fractional CISO and we like to celebrate it. When we close a new client or complete a big project, we ring the gong. It is not a figure of speech. We actually have a gong in the office to which we encourage each employee to ring for big accomplishments. Do not worry, we also supply headphones.

Hiring Process

We value our employees and candidates alike. We want the process to be straightforward for all. Here is what you should expect during the Fractional CISO hiring process

Fair treatment. We treat all candidates equally, fairly and with respect for their time and effort.

Responsive. We do our best to respond to each candidate in a timely fashion. We are never too “busy” to respond to an email or phone call. If you have not heard from us in a few days, please do not hesitate to reach out again. We will respond.

Fractional CISO has a successful multi-step hiring process. The exact process depends on the specific role. Below includes the steps that all candidates can expect. The subsequent step assumes success in the previous step.

  • We encourage all interested candidates to submit their resume through Indeed.
  • We receive and review candidate’s resume.
  • Our HR team contacts candidate to schedule a short phone screen.
  • Candidate completes online job fit assessment. The assessment takes roughly 50 mins.
  • We schedule a 30-minute phone screen with the hiring manager.
  • Candidate completes a writing sample. Strong writing skills are essential to each role at Fractional CISO. Our clients value and expect each team member to have strong writing skills.
  • We schedule an on-site or Zoom interview for the candidate to meet the rest of the team, skill assessment and interviews.
  • Candidate will complete a criminal background check.
  • We will verify and connect with all the candidate’s references.
  • Welcome to the team, you’re hired!!

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