Virtual CISO (vCISO) Case Study: Putting WayPath Consulting on the Right Path.

WayPath Consulting built a cybersecurity program and became SOC 2 compliant while lessening the security burden on its executive leadership by using Fractional CISO’s Virtual CISO services. This Virtual CISO case study tells their story.

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WayPath Consulting is a boutique consultancy specialized in improving the customer experience of large enterprises.

WayPath serves Fortune 1000 businesses, which are becoming increasingly selective on vendor security. WayPath recognized the need to create a comprehensive security program and become AICPA SOC 2 Compliant to meet the growing market demand for secure vendors, but didn’t want to sacrifice other projects it was working on. WayPath chose Fractional CISO’s Virtual CISO services to help manage and direct these new cybersecurity endeavors.

The Impact

Security and Compliance Goals Achieved

  • Cybersecurity Program Created
  • SOC 2 Compliance Achieved
  • Cybersecurity Risk Reduced

Company Resources Saved

  • Executive time spent on security decreased.
  • Leveraged security team at lower cost than full-time CISO.
  • Maximized return on cybersecurity investment.

Download the full vCISO case study to learn more about

How WayPath Consulting Achieved Their Security Goals with Fractional CISO

The full VIRTUAL CISO case study includes:

1A look at Fractional CISO’s methodology including:

  • The team approach to vCISO cybersecurity services
  • The Fractional CISO BASIC gap assessment and control set
  • How Fractional CISO helps with SOC 2 audits

2Fractional CISO’s recommendation on choosing between SOC 2 Type I and Type II.

3WayPath Consulting CTO Jeff Hansen’s thoughts on how Fractional CISO has helped him

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