Reduce your cybersecurity risk with our Virtual CISO program

Are you concerned about your organization’s cybersecurity risk? Is your organization performing the right cybersecurity activities? Are you investing properly and in the right places? Fractional CISO provides your organization with the personnel to reduce your cybersecurity risk. Our methodology provides the systems and tools to get consistent results. A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is an executive responsible for cybersecurity. Many medium-sized organizations need a CISO but don’t have the budget for one. A Virtual CISO can deliver the value of a full-time CISO but without the same level of investment.

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A Virtual CISO to comply with cybersecurity regulations and standards

Are you looking to earn a SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certification? How about complying with New York DFS, SEC or FFIEC cybersecurity regulations? How is your organization performing relative to NIST CSF or other frameworks? Your existing staff is likely focused on their current full-time jobs. They may not have the bandwidth or expertise for a successful compliance initiative. Our Virtual CISO (vCISO) program can put you on a path to success with your compliance initiatives. A Fractional CISO vCISO can work with your team on a short or long term basis to meet your compliance objectives.

vCISO Services

Fractional CISO provides all of the key services that a full-time CISO would deliver for your business. The services include cybersecurity gap assessment, cybersecurity risk assessment, cybersecurity strategy, cybersecurity plan, compliance activities, policy management and program management. We pride ourselves in adapting to the culture of the client organization. This culture match increases the likelihood of success and reduced client risk. Fractional CISO works with your executive and technical teams to get superior results.