Fractional CISO Press Coverage

Fractional CISO Press Coverage
Ever wondered how others have heard of Fractional CISO? Maybe from some of our great press coverage.

Fractional CISO has received some great coverage in a number of media outlets. Here is a list of articles, quotes and press releases. While the list might not be complete it has many of our favorites.

Rob Black on The Security Ledger podcast on Internet of Things (IoT) security standards
“…by asking the right questions, we can note where threats lie.” Rob Black in Varonis
“Marriott’s detection and response was not ideal.” Rob Black in The SSL Store
A vCISO may be right for you, Rob Black in the Security Ledger

“…to really minimize risk, you should never send anything electronically that you wouldn’t want published.” Rob Black in Insider

“Use dollars and probability whenever possible” when providing cybersecurity advice to board members. Rob Black in Digital Guardian

“The Year of Misaligned Cybersecurity Investment” Rob Black in Techopedia

Rob quoted in Threat Stack about Docker mistakes:

“Don’t run as root…”,%20CISSP

Many other press quotations too!

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