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Regulators, investors, and hackers – oh my! They’re all carefully watching how you do (or don’t) manage cybersecurity.

Prove you prioritize private equity cybersecurity by picking Fractional CISO. We’ll manage your compliance requirements and guide your portfolio to security success.


Manage Private Equity Cybersecurity & Regulatory Risk

You have a unique risk profile: Every company in your portfolio is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Investors expect you to improve their cybersecurity posture. Regulators may punish you if you don’t.

Fractional CISO offers a holistic approach to cybersecurity for private equity firms. We assess, monitor, and report on the cybersecurity status of your entire portfolio, ensuring regulatory compliance. These assessments create actionable steps for each organization in your portfolio to improve their security.

Portfolio Monitoring & Reporting

  • Periodic security assessments and continuous monitoring of all portfolio companies
  • Regular executive reports make it easy for you to keep tabs on the cybersecurity status of your portfolio
  • Documented processes and reports ensure regulatory and investor compliance

Portfolio-wide Cybersecurity Improvements

  • Assessments and monitoring are used to map out cybersecurity improvements
  • Pooled information and template resources available to all portfolio companies to use
  • Custom remediation planning to help portfolio companies fill cybersecurity gaps

Due Diligence Evaluations

  • Cybersecurity assessments of potential acquisition companies
  • Evaluation of all product lines, IT systems, and corporate security practices
  • Project roadmap for target companies to close identified security gaps quickly after acquisition

Common Types of Attacks Against Private Equity

Private equity firms are actually more vulnerable to cyber attacks than most when you consider just how many businesses some of them own. PE firms don’t just have to worry about their own cybersecurity posture, they can experience a loss when any of their portfolio companies are attacked!

Benefits of Cybersecurity in Private Equity

By investing in the cybersecurity of your portfolio, your PE firm is protecting its investments from the risk of costly or catastrophic cyber attacks, reducing your own regulatory risk as government agencies increase enforcement, and helping your portfolio companies grow as their cybersecurity programs can be used to unlock sales to larger clients.

Your Private Equity Cybersecurity Team.

With the stroke of your e-signature, you’ll add decades of cumulative private equity cybersecurity experience to your firm’s org chart. Your portfolio will be managed by a team of cybersecurity experts led by a CISSP-certified Virtual CISO and supported by one or more cybersecurity analysts.

Our team approach ensures that your cybersecurity team will always be available – you don’t lose access to your vCISO just because they go on vacation! Plus, different Fractional CISO personnel have different specializations. They will be tapped to help you with their domain of expertise as needed.

RJ Russell, vCISO Principal

RJ Russsell, CISSP
vCISO Principal

Example Team

Sean Kelley - Cybersecurity Analyst for Fractional CISO

Sean Kelley
Cybersecurity Analyst

Customized Private Equity Cybersecurity Programs

What’s the best private equity cybersecurity program? The answer is simple…
It depends!

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to cybersecurity. We tailor your program to your firm’s unique needs. Different organizations within your portfolio will have their own unique threat landscapes, risk tolerances, and compliance needs. A difference as simple as being a Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 shop can impact what controls are best. We consider these topics when helping your portfolio companies to secure themselves.

Quantitative Methodology

What do “high,” “medium,” and “low,” mean anyways?
When it comes to informing strategic decisions, qualitative metrics are mediocre at best and misleading at worst.

We speak the language of business – dollars and probabilities – not the “highs” and “lows” of traditional cybersecurity providers. Our QuantiShield™ Quantitative Risk Assessment makes it easier to prioritize cyber risk treatment, increasing the efficiency of your cybersecurity spend.

QuantiShield Screen Shot

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Is your Cyber Insurance really going to cover you?

Only 1/3 of cyber insurance policies actually pay out in incidents. Most companies have cyber insurance policies that insure too little, or too much, and have absurdly low caps and silly exclusions.

To learn more about cyber insurance and determine if you have the right coverage for you, join us for a free vCISO Office Hours session on Tuesday, April 18 at 1 p.m. eastern time. Bring your questions!

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