Complementary RIA Cybersecurity Risk Worksheet


The Complementary RIA Cybersecurity Risk Worksheet is a great tool for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to do a quick initial investigation into your firm’s cyber security practices.

RIA Cybersecurity risk worksheet
RIA Cybersecurity risk worksheet


The risk worksheet is an eighteen question multiple choice self evaluation of your firm’s current cybersecurity practices. After answering the questions, and pressing the calculate button you can assess how your firm stacks up in its cybersecurity preparedness.

The worksheet is designed for a non-technical evaluator. Just answer the simple multiple choice questions. It should take less than ten minutes.

The worksheet is provided at no charge by Fractional CISO.

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Is your Cyber Insurance really going to cover you?

Only 1/3 of cyber insurance policies actually pay out in incidents. Most companies have cyber insurance policies that insure too little, or too much, and have absurdly low caps and silly exclusions.

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