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Hi, I’m Rob.

I’m a Virtual CISO based in the Boston suburb of Newton. I have helped many organizations reduce their cybersecurity risk. I have been the Interim CISO for a well-known University in the Boston suburbs. I designed the cybersecurity strategy for a high growth Cambridge SaaS company. I provided risk assessments to a multi-billion-dollar financial services firm. I improved the product security of many high-tech firms. I have assisted multiple companies in successfully complying with SOC 2 and other audits.

The Fractional CISO Difference


Fractional CISO is flexible in tailoring our solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Listen to what one of our client’s say about our service. “Fractional CISO’s risk assessment and policies helped us to better secure our environment. Their flexible Virtual CISO services allowed us to pick exactly what we needed.”


We rely on quantitative methods to evaluate your organization’s risk. That means that we give you specific answers to your question. We can tell you where it makes sense for you to invest based on your budget and stated risk tolerance.

Cost Effective

We use our and your resources effectively reducing the cost of projects. We deliver fixed price projects so there are no surprises with the measurable results or the cost!

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