CISO Services on a fractional basis

Cybersecurity is important, right? Your organization needs cybersecurity leadership and expertise but how do you justify hiring a full-time cybersecurity leader given your budget and workload?

What’s your fraction?

Whether you need an Interim CISO, 1/2 CISO or Compliance CISO, Fractional CISO has you covered. We tailor our CISO offering based on your needs. Whatever package you select you can expect our expert judgement and guidance. A typical engagement starts with a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Plan. Once completed, we can set our allotted time based on your requirements and budget.

Cybersecurity coaching and mentoring

Perhaps an operational relationship is not what your organization needs. Maybe your CIO, CTO, compliance officer, executive team or board of directors needs a resource for continued cybersecurity guidance. Fractional CISO can provide that guidance in an on-going fashion. We can structure the relationship that bests meets your organization’s needs.

Project specific needs

Your organization might not be looking for an ongoing relationship yet but has specific business needs it is looking to accomplish. Fractional CISO has a variety of offerings to meet your business objectives.

Review of systems, application, networks, policies and procedures to determine security posture of organization. Cybersecurity assessments will include interviews, review of documentation and technical reviews of systems. The end result is a report of overall security posture with prioritized list of recommended remediation.

Based on the results of the Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, we will build a Cybersecurity Plan. The results of the plan will put your organization in a better posture to defend against today’s attacks.

Does your staff need cybersecurity training? Fractional CISO can provide your organization with the materials and training tailored to its specific organizational needs.

Need SOC 2 compliance? SSAE 16? ISO 27001? Others? Fractional CISO can help get your organization ready to meet these and other rigorous standards.

Do you want to improve or create your cybersecurity policies and procedures? Utilize Fractional CISO’s understanding of broad sets of policies and procedures to craft the right ones for your organization.

RIA firms need to have an excellent security posture. Fractional CISO provides a RIA cyber security assessment package that evaluates the security posture of the organization. This package is specially tuned to RIAs to allow for them to both comply with SEC regulations and assess where their overall security strengths and weaknesses are so they can better defend against cyberattacks.

Many software development organizations know how important it is to have a Secure SDLC in place but struggle with the potential complexity in rollout. Leverage our decades in secure software development to assist in minimizing process changes while maximizing the secure posture of your development team and process. Leverage OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM) or other S-SDLC framework to gain visibility, metrics and improvement to your existing software development process.

Leverage our years of experience writing requirements for security products and products requiring high levels of security. Our market focus with an understanding of security issues can rapidly close a gap in your organization’s requirements development.

IoT adds complexity to the security landscape. Utilize our deep IoT product experience to materially improve the security of your IoT deployment.